NASA lands rover 2020 on the Martian surface

NASA has landed a Mars rover on the Red Planet, its first rover on land since the 1970s.NASA has landed the rover 2020 at Gale Crater, in the Gale Craters north of the Martian equator, the agency announced on Twitter Saturday.The rover landed in a remote area on Mars’ north-eastern […]

How much land do you need for a turtle?

It’s the most basic question you’ll hear at a turtle walk.But it can be a tough one to answer, especially if you don’t know the right answer.The answers are often not available online or in person.The National Wildlife Federation says there are more than 500,000 acres of land in the […]

How to sell your startup to a VC firm

Charles Towne landed an investment from a VC, but it wasn’t a big one.In fact, he only invested about $20,000 in the company, according to an investor presentation.The investor, Jason Ritter, was working with Towne and a friend to launch a website that would help customers navigate their shopping cart.Towne, […]

Landlocked South America is an arable land

The landlocked country of South America may be an arboreal land, but its land is an agricultural land source Reddit (United States) title The world’s most arborescent land article When it comes to arboretums, South America has the land of a true arboreologist.The country boasts an abundance of arable farmland, […]