How the Mars rover landed on Mars

The Mars rover Curiosity landed on the Red Planet on Wednesday, bringing with it a trove of science data and revealing the first images from the landing site.The rover’s lander landed on a hillside called “Little Red Rock”, which is located about 300 metres (983 feet) above sea level.The rover […]

Why are there so many RBLX codes?

Engadgets article RBLx codes are now everywhere.There are more than 20,000 RBLxes and they are used to pay for things such as parking, fuel, insurance, and car insurance.It’s hard to believe these codes aren’t used for other things too.There is even a restaurant code that’s similar to RBL.I used to […]

Why did the candy land rover disappear?

After a six-year search, the land rover that was used to explore the depths of the Arctic Ocean is now on the move.The Mars Science Laboratory lander, nicknamed “Candyland,” is expected to arrive at the Martian surface soon and make a permanent landing on the Red Planet, NASA officials said […]