How I Stopped Being a Bigot: How I Changed My Mind to Accept and Love LGBTQ People

Posted February 19, 2018 06:00:14 The past year has been a great year for queer folks everywhere.

With President Donald Trump’s election and the first openly transgender person elected to Congress, LGBTQ people of color are facing increased violence, and the tide of acceptance is shifting.

The story of me, the LGBTQ person who changed my mind about my identity in an effort to get ahead, is a perfect example of how I changed my life, and how I am making a difference in my community.

I started living in San Francisco in 2015, when I was 17 years old, and I didn’t know any LGBTQ people.

I was also not the first person to be raised with that knowledge.

I had been in my family for a while, and my parents had been divorced and divorced many times.

But I had never been with my biological father.

That was never something I ever wanted to be.

My family and I never talked about it because it wasn’t something I wanted to talk about.

So, after graduating high school, I did everything I could to find a partner.

I dated a lot of guys, but they weren’t interested in me.

So when I got pregnant with my son, I started dating more than two of them.

One was a friend of my parents and a former boyfriend, who was also a cop.

But he also had a history of being abusive to me.

I met him through this guy, and we started dating. I didn