How to buy a home in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, Las Vegas, and other big cities–but with a mortgage?

The median monthly mortgage in the United States for 2016 was $219,400, according to Freddie Mac, and that’s the lowest median since the Financial Crisis.

But while most of those loans are fixed at about 8 percent, some of the largest cities and towns in the country have mortgage rates as high as 25 percent, according an analysis of census data.

Some of the pricier mortgages have higher interest rates because they’re in large cities or counties that can’t afford to pay more for the same house.

Others have higher monthly payments because they are subsidized by state or federal aid programs.

Many of these mortgages are tied to the median income in a given region, which has been steadily shrinking since the Great Recession.

The median income for a person in Los Angeles County is $60,000, according the 2016 U.S. Census Bureau.

It’s about $30,000 in the Bay Area and $27,000 to $34,000 for the San Diego metropolitan area, which includes Santa Clara County.

In San Francisco, the median household income for 2016 is $62,000.

That’s about 15 percent below the median for 2016.

In Sacramento, it’s about 16 percent below.

In Las Vegas the median is $70,000 and in San Diego it’s $73,000 per person.

In San Diego County, the county’s median household net worth is $1.4 million, or more than $20 million more than the county average, according Census data.

That makes San Diego the sixth-wealthiest county in the U.N. database, behind New York, California, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

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The median mortgage rate in San Francisco is 4.24 percent, the highest in the nation and roughly 30 percent higher than in Las Vegas.

The median mortgage in San Jose is 4 percent, more than twice the national average.

That means a typical person in San José would need to pay $5,700 more per month on a mortgage for a home they would not be able to afford, according.

Mortgage rates are also a big reason why some buyers can’t qualify for a mortgage in many cities and counties.

Many of the highest mortgage rates are in California, where it has the second-highest median home value, and Texas, where a home is worth more than half of a median income.

(Related: The 10 Best Places to Buy a Home in the US)In the Bay area, the average monthly payment for a one-bedroom home is about $3,800.

That is almost $2,000 more than a typical two-bedroom rental in San Mateo County, which is about 10 percent of the population.

The Bay Area median home price is about 3.4 times the national median, according census data from 2015.

In Los Angeles County, homeownership is at an all-time high of 57.6 percent.

That rate is far more than any other major U.M. city.

That number is more than 10 percentage points higher than the national rate.

In San Francisco County, it is the second highest, at 63.3 percent.

In Sacramento, the homeownership rate is at 61.3.

But median home values are much lower than they are in San Bernardino County, where homeownership was at 71.7 percent in 2016.

In California, a person living in San Antonio has an annual household income of $71,400.

But a family of four would need a $1,000 increase in income to pay off a home loan of $400,000 or more.

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Mortgages are also one of the main reasons why people in large and small cities and the nation can’t get into mortgages.

It takes about 25 years to pay a fixed mortgage, according a Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco study.

(The average age of a person who has a mortgage is about 37.)

A typical mortgage in New York City takes an average of seven years to be paid off, while an average loan in San Franciscos takes six years.

In Los Angeles and San Diego county, it takes less than three years to repay a mortgage.

But the average payment per month for an average family is about the same as it was in 2015, according HUD data.

For example, in San Fran, California a family with an income of about $80,000 can pay off their mortgage in about four years.

For the average family in Sacramento, that would take four years to do.

Mort rates also have an impact on home sales.

It took the median home sale price of $2.35 million in Los Angles County to reach the record $639,500 for a detached home in the region, according data from the San