Google’s holy land coverage is not as good as holy land

Google has made holy land search more powerful by removing links to holy sites in its search results.

Holy Land was the first site to be removed from Google’s search results, although it has since been replaced with the location of the holy site.

Holy Sites was removed from the Google search results when Google started to change the way it displays holy sites.

It appears Holy Sites is now a part of Google’s Holy page.

Holy Sites has now also been moved to the Google Home page, which also includes a link to the holy sites section.

Google is also making holy sites more visible by adding links to sites from around the world that are often under-represented in search results such as holy places, the BBC reported.

The BBC reported Holy Sites was added to Google’s Google Home search engine last year and it was not until Google removed the links to Holy Sites from Holy Sites’ Google Home index page that Holy Sites disappeared from Google Home’s results.

Google Home was previously the home page for Google’s Street View cars and the search engine now lists Holy Sites as the homepage for Street View.