Candy Land characters come to life in a new animated film

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Now The next Disney movie is coming to theaters in December, and it’s a Pixar movie.

Disney’s Coco is based on the 2016 movie of the same name.

Disney is releasing the animated film on Disney-Pixar’s streaming service, but it will not be a traditional movie.

The new movie, titled Coco, is not a Disney movie, it will be an animated film.

In fact, Coco will be its own standalone animated film, and the first film to be entirely animated.

Coco is set to be released on December 12, 2017.

The movie is being directed by Andy Muschietti, who wrote the movie’s screenplay.

The film is a comedy, which means it has a lot of jokes.

The story centers around a gay man named Coco who is working in a candy store, and has a crush on a white girl named Coco.

She asks him to come and visit her, and he accepts.

When he arrives at the store, he finds Coco has a secret boyfriend named Coco-Dumplings.

Coco-dumplings is a special treat Coco wants for Valentine’s Day, and she makes a special dumpling for him.

They are all over the store together, and when Coco-s boyfriend tries to get them out of the store and the girls get upset, Coco-dues Coco-ding-dong.

The guys run out of dumplings, and Coco-digging into the store.

Coco and Coco get into an argument and the two of them end up at the mall.

The two end up in the mall, and soon Coco-friends are chasing after her, who runs away.

Coco runs off and ends up in a mall.

Coco’s boyfriend, who Coco-de-dums with, gets into a fight with Coco-friend and ends it.

The next day, Coco goes to her boyfriend’s house and ends the fight, Coco gets home and gets a big bag of dung from her boyfriend, Coco is home alone.

Coco then goes out to get some dung, and accidentally finds a bag of chocolate that Coco-fears she has forgotten.

Coco decides to eat it, and finds that she has gotten a big heartworm infection.

Coco thinks that it is the worst thing ever, and eats the chocolate.

The chocolate is a sweet treat Coco wishes she had given her boyfriend.

Coco gets scared and goes to get help, but ends up getting bitten by a heartworm.

Coco falls unconscious.

Coco wakes up in her boyfriends house.

She starts screaming that she’s going to die, but Coco stops herself.

Coco tries to stop the heartworm from attacking her, but the heartworms attacks her anyway.

The heartworms start taking out her heart and she dies.

The three girls are left alone in their house, and they see that Coco was bitten by the heart worm, which is not going to go away.

They start freaking out, so Coco-dies.

Coco ends up having a heart infection, and goes into shock.

Coco begins to eat the chocolate, and eventually ends up vomiting the chocolate out.

Coco becomes scared, and ends her life by vomiting the whole chocolate.

It turns out Coco had a heart disease, and was being treated for it.

Disney announced on Twitter that Coco will receive an R rating.

This means that Coco is rated PG, but Disney has said it will remove it from its streaming service.

Coco will also be available for the first time on Netflix in 2018.