The storm’s path now known is more complex than previously understood: NOAA

NOAA has now mapped the storm’s current path, but has not yet released the map of its full impact.

The National Hurricane Center on Wednesday issued a warning that the storm could bring heavy rains, flash flooding and severe storms.

Read moreNew Orleans is home to a thriving Haitian community.

Many residents say they don’t feel safe in their homes after the storm.

The New Orleans police chief, who is Haitian, said in a news conference that it was important for residents to get into their homes.

The National Weather Service has said it has received numerous reports of flooding.

There were no reports of injuries or deaths.

Hurricane Isaac is moving northwest, weakening over the Gulf of Mexico and bringing heavy rain, strong winds and tropical storm force winds.

The storm is expected to continue moving northwest and is expected by early Thursday to be a Category 2 storm.