What it takes to land a SpaceX rocket on a runway

The SpaceX rocket landing site on the first day of the 2017 International Space Station (ISS) flight.

Photographer: Ryan McEntee/Reuters Read moreThe SpaceX rocket landed safely, but its landing on a launch pad was a little more difficult than expected.

The rocket’s landing gear broke off during the touchdown.NASA was onsite to inspect the rocket and get it fixed, but there was no word on when it might be resupplied.

The rocket was part of the company’s new cargo delivery mission to the International Space Port (ISS), the first for a privately funded company.

It was also a test of SpaceX’s ability to make it to space safely.

The company has previously used its Falcon 9 rocket to deliver cargo to the ISS.

SpaceX is currently testing the Falcon Heavy rocket.

The landing was not the first time a SpaceX launch had to be postponed.

Last year, SpaceX launched an unmanned Dragon cargo capsule but the capsule was later damaged during an explosion.