A.J. Hawk and John Cena’s ‘F*** the Police’ reunion tour hits Boston

A.K.A. John Cena, the WWE Superstar who spent his childhood at the Odd Fellows’ boarding school, is bringing the “F*** The Police” reunion tour to Boston.

John, who is currently starring in the film “The Biggest Loser,” is playing the role of the town’s police chief and is joined by A. J. Hawk, who plays his mentor, the cop.


Hawk told The Boston Globe that they’ll be doing about 50 shows at the Gillette Stadium on the same day.

The show will kick off on April 12.

“This is not a bad idea,” A. K. Auctions president Jim Hickey told The Globe.

“John has a great pedigree in comedy and he’s a good actor, but he’s also a guy who really is going to do a great job with this tour.

It’s really going to be an excellent tour.”