How Joe Lando won the land rover contest

Joe Landor is the man behind the Land Rover Discovery.

This week, the Discovery team took home the prize in the competition for the best land rover design for the 2021 lander mission.

Joe Landors design is so impressive, in fact, that the team decided to use it in a new mission to explore a new moon and is now seeking a crew to help.

The lander was built by Lockheed Martin for NASA’s Apollo Program and will fly aboard the International Space Station.

The first of four landers built by NASA to investigate Mars was the lander dubbed Discovery.

It has been on the surface of Mars for more than 40 years.

The Land Rover team at NASA used the Landranger design to win the 20th anniversary contest.

Landrangers mission is called Odyssey, and it is an exploration of a new world.

It will use its cameras to collect data for two years to make a three-dimensional map of the planet and the solar system.

The spacecraft will be deployed from the International Spaceport in Houston and then returned to Earth in 2018 to spend a year on the Moon.

After that, it will head back to the Earth in 2020 to spend another year exploring Mars.

The mission will be the first to return samples to Earth.

The two landers, the Landraker and the Odyssey, were built by Boeing in the 1970s for NASA, but the Landrover team, which includes Lockheed Martin engineers, was chosen because it has more experience with the landranger than the Boeing team did.

The team at Lockheed Martin has been building landrangers since 1989.

Lockheed Martin won the $1 million prize in a contest called the Discovery Challenge.

This year’s contest was sponsored by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where the Land rover is based.

It is expected that the mission will take three to four months to complete.

This lander, the NASA team said in a statement, “is the first in a series of landers that will carry multiple science instruments and payloads.

NASA will use the landers mission to investigate the origins of the solar wind and to examine the Martian environment.

It’s the first time that we have an Earth-based mission to the moon that will include a lander and science instruments.

This mission will include more than 200 science instruments, including a robotic arm to collect samples, a camera to collect images, and a robotic rover to collect minerals.”

This was not the first land rover that NASA had to build for a mission.

The Mars 2020 rover is the first of the Land rovers that are scheduled to go to the Moon, but that project is now a separate project.

In addition to the land landers from NASA, Boeing and Lockheed Martin, the landrover for the Odyssey will also be built by the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.

The Odyssey will have a payload capacity of about 1.4 tons and a payload mass of 1.6 tons, according to NASA.