How to make your own ice cream parlor in the woods

Landings in the UK are booming with the opening of a new brand of ice cream and ice cream bars.

The New Jersey-based brand of food-themed bars, called Normandy, has launched its first pop-up shop in the town of Stirling, Scotland.

The brand has been selling its signature ice cream in bars, trays, bowls, truffles, mugs and more.

Its pop-ups include a ‘Crazy Egg’, a chocolate chip ice cream sandwich, a banana-frosted chocolate milkshake, a chocolate-chip ice cream sundae and a chocolate ice cream cake.

The pop-Up shop will open at a public place in Stirling on August 10, and the brand is also set to open its second pop-upto-date in Newcastle, New Zealand, later this year.

According to the brand’s website, it is aiming to “bring the world to the norm.”

The brand’s Instagram account is also promoting the pop-Upto-Date, which is slated to run from August 22 to August 24.

The ‘Craziest Egg’ is the first of its kind.

Its name is a reference to the classic movie The Breakfast Club, where a group of teens create a “Crazier Egg” to make a fool of their parents.

“It’s about sharing a food experience with friends, family and neighbours,” a post on the brand website reads.

“We wanted to bring the Normandy spirit of sharing the joy of food, and creating something that everyone will enjoy.”

The company has already won accolades for its creations, including the Guinness World Record for the biggest ice cream truck, and was named Best Ice Cream in the United Kingdom for its pop-UP shop.

It is currently selling its ice cream trays in a variety of flavors, and in March it launched a ‘craziest egg’ pop-upped with chocolate chips, chocolate ice creams, chocolate mousse and more, and it also launched a “Boomerang Ice Cream” pop-out.

The company’s Instagram page also features a video of Normandy’s owner, Brian Murphy, who talks about how the brand has made it possible to open a pop-down shop in Scotland.

“I’ve always loved food and ice-cream, and I wanted to create something special to share that with the world,” Murphy said in the video.

“Ice cream has a history and a place in history and I’ve always wanted to share it with the people.”