Mario Lando, the Dream Land of Dreams

The Mario Land franchise has always been known for its beautiful landscapes and fantastical worlds.

In recent years, however, the franchise has also been seen as a bit of a slow burner.

However, there’s one Mario Land game that has actually managed to keep people glued to their TVs, as well as fans of the series.

The upcoming Mario Land: Super Mario Advance remake is coming to the Nintendo Switch, and it’s the perfect way for Nintendo fans to experience the game without all the bells and whistles of the Switch.

The game will be launching in Japan on November 13th, and in North America on November 14th.

In Japan, you’ll be able to pick up the Nintendo 3DS version of the game, while in North Americans, you can pick up an unannounced console-exclusive version.

The gameplay trailer for the game shows off some of the new features of the upcoming title.

As you play through the story, you’re tasked with building your very own castle, which will eventually become the base of your own village.

As the story progresses, the castles you build will be linked together to form new worlds.

You can also construct a series of structures that allow you to move around the world in various ways.

You can also buy items from the shops in the game.

These include items like hats and gloves, which are also available as collectibles in the shop.

Mario Land is a simple, open world game that plays like any other Mario game, with no loading screens or cutscenes.

The only real difference is that the new gameplay mechanic allows you to control the camera.

In order to view your surroundings, you need to turn the camera around.

The camera is used to move the camera up and down, and zoom in and out to reveal areas.

The ability to control these controls is something you’ll see in more Mario games, as you can control how the camera is set.

You’ll also be able see your surroundings in the environment, but unlike other Mario games where you can just peek into the foreground and see what’s around you, you have to be in the right spot at the right time to see the world around you.

In the video above, you see Mario Land’s environment and the camera in action.

The Nintendo Switch is slated to launch on November 27th in Japan, and on November 29th in North American.

The Switch version will be available to preorder in Japan tomorrow.

The Nintendo 3D Rumble Pak for the Nintendo 2DS will be released in the US on November 30th.