Mays Landing rover returns to Houston for landing with NASA astronaut

The landing rover that NASA is sending to Mars is heading back to the United States, but not to Houston.

It is headed to the Houston area to help test out its new rover system.

The rover will be called Mission Science.

The robotic rover will land at a remote landing site, but NASA is expecting to get a good look at it, officials said Thursday in a statement.

NASA hopes to use the rover to see how it handles Martian conditions, including weather and soil composition, in the coming months.

It is the first time a NASA spacecraft has landed on the planet since a spacecraft from NASA’s Viking mission launched in 1979.

NASA says the robotic rover is expected to land on Mars at the end of March.

Mission Science is the second of NASA’s Mars rover programs.

NASA also is planning to send a rover to Mars and return with samples of soil and rocks that will help scientists learn more about the conditions on Mars.

In January, NASA selected two teams to test out the rover’s new technology and to try out the landing.