What’s new on the Evoque land rover, a robot that could be used to help people live more sustainably

Land Rover Evoques first public demo will take place in the United States on June 8.

It will use a prototype of the robot to perform tasks like removing rocks from the ground to create soil for planting.

The lander is designed to be lighter than the current version, which weighs around 3 tons, but can carry up to 500 pounds of cargo and carry up with it a payload of about 2,000 pounds of soil and equipment.

This robot is being developed by the Robotics Institute of China in the US.

Evoques will be the first robot to be built for the U.S. military.

Its primary goal is to reduce the amount of fuel required to launch a manned rover into space.

The US military’s Mars 2020 rover has already flown to the Red Planet, and the team hopes to eventually build a lander for the Red Dragon mission to Mars.

The robot is designed as a land-based vehicle that can be easily maneuvered in any terrain and carry as much as 250 pounds of supplies and equipment to the surface.

The company says it plans to have the first prototype of Evoquer ready for test flights in 2020.

The new Evoqua is designed for a number of different tasks.

For example, it can carry out reconnaissance of the surface and other parts of the planet, help farmers move crops around, and help people find suitable land.

Evod’s lander could also be used for building and repairing homes, as well as repairing infrastructure in urban areas.

There are two types of Evod robots.

One is a robot designed to carry out basic tasks like retrieving rocks and soil, while the other is designed specifically to perform a number more complex tasks, such as moving soil to form a base.

There’s no word yet on when the Evod lander will be launched.