How did Katherine Forrest’s family cope with the sudden death of her mother?

By now, the news of Katherine Forrest being laid to rest on a Georgia Memorial Stadium field in her hometown of Savannah will have become part of the national narrative.

Her mother Katherine Forrest, who passed away in August, had been the mother of four children.

Katherine Forrest was a former cheerleader for the Atlanta Falcons, who drafted her in the third round of the 1997 NFL Draft.

In 2008, Forrest was elected to the Georgia Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame.

In 2011, Forrest became the first woman ever to be inducted into the Georgia Sports Hall of Honor.

Forrest graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in social work and was a member of the Georgia State Women’s Golf Team.

Forrest has also served as a role model for children of all ages.

In 2013, Forrest wrote the book, “We Are the Dream Kids: How We Can Change the World by Building Our Own.

This book explores how we can create a better world by making our dreams a reality, not by taking one step further from them.”

Forrest wrote about the experience of growing up with her mother and father, and the challenges that came with her parents passing away.

“My parents taught me how to respect and care for others and how to be grateful for the things in life,” she said.

“Growing up, my mom taught me to always give back to the world.

I was never a good person.

I never did anything to deserve it.

I am very thankful that I got to be a part of this story.”

Forrest’s father, Michael Forrest, was a professional wrestler, and she said that she never had any issues with him or her siblings.

“He was a tough guy, but a hard worker, and a great dad,” Forrest said.

Forrest was the oldest of four girls and grew up in a family of two boys, Michael and Michaela.

She and her sisters would all go to school together, and her brothers and sisters would take turns taking care of her when she got sick.

“I remember being a little girl in high school and my mom just asking me how old my brother was,” she recalled.

“She always said, ‘I just wanted to know, how old are you?'”

Forrest said that her family was supportive and understanding of her decision to play sports.

“My dad said, you have to go to a different school because you have the money.

My mother said, I want you to be good at something so that you can help the school,” Forrest recalled.

When Forrest graduated high school in 2006, she decided to stay home from school so she could concentrate on her sports career.

“We would always get on the field and do drills,” she told the Associated Press.

“If I was not playing, we would just be playing.

My brothers would be on the sidelines and I would be in the backfield.”

Forrest said she wanted to go out on the football field at the age of 15 to play in highschool.

“The thing about football is that the people you play with are your family and friends,” she explained.

“So, it was just a matter of wanting to be there for them.”

However, Forrest’s mother died suddenly in August of 2016 at the young age of 53, and Forrest was left grieving.

She said she had no idea she would be living to see her mother’s funeral, which was held on Sunday.

Forrest is a Georgia native and is a graduate of Atlanta’s Southern College Preparatory Academy.

In December of 2015, Forrest and her friends made the Georgia trip to Atlanta to participate in the Women’s High School Athletic Association Championship.

In a tweet on Monday, Forrest shared photos from her visit to the championship event, which included an experience of being one of the first people to be seated during the ceremony.

“It was an incredible experience.

Being in a place like that was incredible,” she wrote.

“And to be able to walk into that stadium with all my friends, the way we walked in there was amazing.

We walked into that arena and I walked into a room with more than my friends.”

The Atlanta Falcons honored Forrest on Sunday during a special halftime show that also included former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.

“Katherine Forrest, the most dedicated, hard-working, humble, talented, and beautiful woman I have ever met, was my mother,” Ryan said.

In addition to her professional football career, Forrest played volleyball for the Georgia Southern University Bulldogs and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in marketing from Georgia Southern in 2011.

She also coached women’s soccer and basketball at the Atlanta Women’s College.

Forrest also has two children with her husband, former Georgia Tech quarterback Jeffery Forrest.

Forrest’s funeral will be held on Wednesday at the Alumni Auditorium in Atlanta.