Lucky land rover 2020 is in orbit with Mars 2020 rover

The first Mars rover is on track to make history when it reaches Mars orbit around the red planet in 2020, the U.S. space agency said Thursday.

The rover will arrive at Mars orbit on June 7, 2020, from the launch pad at Wallops Island, Va.

It will be able to do a science mission for the first time in the orbit, looking for evidence of ancient microbial life.

“The Curiosity rover is in good shape,” said Mars 2020 principal investigator Robert Zubrin.

“It is going well.

It is getting close to Mars and is about one-fifth of the way to the surface.

The rover is going to get really close to the martian surface and is really well equipped to do science.

The team is doing good, and they have an amazing rover, they have great chemistry, they are doing really well.”

Mars 2020, which is scheduled to land in 2020 and begin a six-month study of the martians surface, will be the first Martian mission to land on a planet other than Earth.

While the first rover will land on Mars in 2020 on the surface, the rover will use the next decade to investigate the planet’s geology and climate.

Zubrin said the team is working on a rover that can be used in the future to explore the planet and even Mars.

Mars 2020’s primary goal is to learn about the composition of Mars’ atmosphere, and the chemistry of Mars.

The mission will also look for signs of past water on the planet.

NASA plans to send a rover to Mars in the 2030s.