Why the ‘Spartacus’ reboot may have killed the franchise

Coopers Landing, California-based co-production company Coopers landing announced today that it is canceling the sci-fi action movie The Martian, which would have been the third installment in the series.

The decision comes amid a rapidly evolving production slate, which has seen the release of the live-action film Star Wars: The Last Jedi, a TV series, and a theatrical film that was recently announced.

Coopers landed the rights to the film and co-wrote the script, which was written by Damon Lindelof, who was formerly the executive producer on The Martian.

The Martian would have seen Harrison Ford play a NASA astronaut who returns to Earth, and he was to have played the role of astronaut Mark Watney.

The movie was to be released on December 5, 2018, but production was halted after the first half of the film was shot in late 2018.

The original cast was replaced by newcomers James Marsden, Alex Kurtzman, and Mark Ruffalo, and the film has since been pulled from theaters.

Coppers new statement says that the movie is “currently in post-production.”

The Martian was scheduled to be the third film in the Mars series, which includes The Martian and the upcoming Star Wars films.

The series has also received critical acclaim and earned three Oscar nominations.

Covers were released by Coopers earlier this month for The Martian with the title ‘Space is a Bad Place.’

Coopers statement says, “The film is currently in post the shoot, but the creative team is working on a more exciting and exciting sequel.”

The movie is set in the near future where astronauts, including a new version of Mark Watneys character, are tasked with exploring Mars and landing on the Red Planet.

Coppers statement adds that they are “hopeful that the upcoming sequel will be even more ambitious and will focus on what is possible in the universe of The Martian.”

“We want to thank our fans for their support during the filming process and hope that the exciting sequel to The Martian will bring even more of you into the story,” Coopers said.

The film was a huge success, earning more than $300 million worldwide and earning an Oscar nomination for its original screenplay.

Cooper landed a deal to produce and direct a sequel, The Martian 2, which is set for release on January 18, 2019.

Co-producer Alan Burnett is currently shooting the first film.

Copps statement says they are currently in pre-production and will soon release the news.

In other Coopers news, the studio has also announced a slate of new co-productions, including two more movies and two TV series.

It is currently the second year in a row that Coopers has been adding new titles to its slate of co-produced projects.

In 2018, the Coopers released The Martian on October 5.

The following year, it released The Impossible: Made in America on January 25.

The latter film was the first in the Copps family, with the first two films focusing on characters created by co-writers Adam and Barbara Coopers.