How to get to the Moon with a robot on Mars

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but if you’re looking for a robotic space mission to land on Mars, you’re not going to find it anywhere near the Moon. It’s called lander LR3, and its mission will take up to a year to complete.It is intended to be the […]

How NASA is saving the land girls of Mars

The story of the last girl who survived the journey to the Red Planet.By News24 staff Last year, Nasa’s landing site for the Red Mars rover, called Lander One, was on the edge of a riverbed in Mars’ Gale Crater.It was supposed to take four years to complete the journey.But […]

How to get your hands on landair’s new landhopper (Part 2)

Landair has unveiled the Landhopper Land Air, a high-end landhopping vehicle that is the result of a partnership between Landair, the manufacturer of the LandAir 3, and a number of large European and Asian cities.The Landhoppers are powered by Landair’s LandAir 6 engine, with its turbocharged 4-cylinder turbocharger giving it […]

Which animals have gone into quarantine?

Posted March 30, 2020 05:16:55 The ABC has been given exclusive access to the Australian quarantine plan for zoos in NSW.The plan is designed to minimise the spread of disease in zoos, with quarantine facilities set up in every state and territory and a team of health experts to monitor […]