Mars rover lands on volcanic island

The first of the two Mars rovers, dubbed the Spirit and Opportunity rovers after the two astronauts who died in 1969, has landed on an island in Indonesia.The two rovers are part of the so-called Spirit and Orion crews, which have been on Mars since December 2011.A team of about […]

What is the BLM Land Rover Rover Lr3?

The Land Rover Lrr3 was designed as a small lander that would provide data to the NASA Planetary Data and Sensors Program.The rover is one of a handful of Mars rovers that NASA has designed to study the Martian surface.The Land Rovers, also known as Land Surveyors, are operated by […]

How Christmas Lands Are Changing How We Live

With the exception of the islands and a handful of small cities on the east coast, the land in which most of the world’s people live has been largely unchanged for centuries.But that’s changing rapidly as climate change pushes the Earth to the brink of potentially catastrophic extinctions.The first such […]

Candy Land, the ‘real’ version of the video game

A game about candy, but with more fun.That’s what Candy Land is.This is what is.And that’s how you can get Candy Land for free.So grab your snowboard and your skates, and hit the slopes at or enjoy the best snowboarding in the world.Or just check out the […]