Which is the deadliest land animal?

Land animals are more than just “animals that eat plants.”They’re also iconic symbols of human history.In the past, they’ve represented the most iconic and revered elements of the human experience, such as the crossroads of civilizations, the holy grail of science, and a way to travel back in time.Now, the […]

The first bird to fly from the land of the Lamps

The first ever bird to take off from the shores of Lake Superior and land on the shores was a cedar-winged crow, KATHERINE LUMBERT, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.The crow landed on the shore of Lake Michigan in November 1864, after a two-month journey from the US […]

How Joe Lando won the land rover contest

Joe Landor is the man behind the Land Rover Discovery.This week, the Discovery team took home the prize in the competition for the best land rover design for the 2021 lander mission.Joe Landors design is so impressive, in fact, that the team decided to use it in a new mission […]